Purpose and Design

The Project envisages setting up of an automatic tea processing unit under the name and style of Supreme Tea Limited at Panchagarh. The main machinery and equipment for the unit have been proposed to be procured from India and the project will be implemented on turn-key basis by the supplier of machinery. On completion, the project will generate employment of 80 personnel including daily basis labors.

Product Mix and Production Capacity

The annual rated production capacity of the project on the basis of single shifts operation of 12 hours each daily and 210 working days in a year is given below

Sl No

Product Items

Annual Production Capacity




Made Tea

Metric Ton




Procurement Strategy of Raw Material & Other Inputs should be planned by the managerial team of the company under the following heads:

Green Leaf Availability

Proper assessment of Green Leaf availability in the catchment area should be done, to ensure regular supply of Raw Material.

Sources of Procurement

Small Tea Growers should be identified and annual contracts to be done with them to ensure supply of required quantity & quality of Green Tea Leaves.

Process of Procurement

Green Tea Leaves are procured on daily basis and the prices are also variable as per the market requirement and seasonal variation in quality of Green leaves.